Research farm retreat/consulting – a sample of comments from the visitors’ book:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Pat! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!! This would NEVER have been possible without your expertise. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, yummy food, and for solving the mysteries of N6! I really appreciate the chats and all the help – I am actually excited about my data for the first time in a very long time!

Weight has lifted from my shoulders but relocated to the gut.

Was it 4 days, months or years? So much ground covered so quickly. Thanks for the “key” Pat. Foundations are now established.

A wonderful productive meditative writing retreat. Many thanks for your warm hospitality and constructive criticism.

Thanks Pat! A brilliant 5 days to give me a new direction and space to work on it – might make it to doctor yet!

I think my brain has exploded. I know my tastebuds have.

Fabulous and mind-expanding.

Deepest gratitude for your food and ideas that have nourished and inspired me.

I have had the most FANTASTIC time in this elegant house filled with warmth and support. I have turned a corner in my research, and, with  your input, now really believe my goal is attainable. Thanks Pat!

What a wonderful place. We got more done in 2 days than in the last 2 months.

Thankyou Pat – that findings chapter is now emerging both in my head and on the computer. You’ve helped me see my data much more clearly. Maybe I’m finally seeing the light!

Fabulous place to stay, think, eat, think and come to realisation.

This has been a wonderful experience. I loved the discussion and the time to write.

Thank you for your generous hospitality and knowledge. It is a wonderful place to stay and inspiring for getting down to work!

Pat – just the tonic I needed. My 4 days here have completely re-invigorated my whole research project. Fantastic – and the home made cooking was inspirational.

Pat, I feel inspired and extremely motivated after my five days with you. It has been a perfect environment – very peaceful for the mind.