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This page provides information about and links for Pat Bazeley’s books and articles on qualitative data analysis.

Books on qualitative data analysis


Qualitative data analysis: Practical strategies (2nd ed., Sage, 2021)


This comprehensive introduction to analysing qualitative data provides a clear, accessible and practical guide to each stage of the process, including:

-    Designing and managing qualitative data for analysis

-    Working with observational, text, and visual data through interpretive, comparative, pattern and relational analyses

-    Developing clear concepts, explanatory theory, and coherent conclusions, based on qualitative data.

The book pairs theoretical discussion with practical advice using a host of examples from real world projects across the social sciences. It describes data analysis strategies in actionable steps using both manual methods and methods supported by a range of software tools.



Part I: Laying the foundations for analysis

1: Thinking and working qualitatively  

2: Foundations for thinking and working qualitatively  

3: Design that supports analysis  

4: Managing and preparing data for analysis 

Part II: Fundamentals of analysis: working with data 

5: Read, reflect, and connect: initial explorations of data  

6: Coding as an analytic strategy  

7: Tools to manage the coding process  

8: Codes, themes, and descriptive writing  

9: Working with cases to build understanding and explanation  

10: Learning from stories, accounts, and conversations  

11: Analysing visual data  

12: Comparative analyses using coded data 

Part III: Extending analysis beyond codes and themes 

13: Exploring, seeing, and investigating connections in data  

14: Elaborating concepts, developing theory  

15: Realising coherent understanding  

16: Defending and extending: issues of quality and significance


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Qualitative data analysis with NVivo (Sage, 2019)

Third edition co-authored with Kristi Jackson

This thoroughly revised third edition seamlessly interweaves methodology and methods with practice when using NVivo on both Mac and PC, providing an invaluable introduction to planning and conducting qualitative data analysis with NVivo. Written by authors with over 50 years combined experience in computer-assisted analysis of qualitative and mixed-mode data, the new edition of this best-selling textbook effectively shows how NVivo software can accommodate and assist analysis across a wide range of research questions, data types, perspectives and methodologies. It sets out:

- The power and flexibility of the NVivo software

- How best to use NVivo at each stage in your research project

- Annotated screen shots and click-by-click guidance (based on Version 12 of the software) to support both novice and experienced users.

- Examples from the authors' own research and the sample data that accompanies the software, supplemented with vignettes drawn from across the social sciences

- A website with links to data, sample projects, supplementary/updated instructions, and SAGE journal content.



Perspectives: Qualitative computing and NVivo

Where to begin?

Designing an NVivo project

Coding foundations

Advanced coding

Cases, classifications, and comparisons

Surveys and mixed methods

Querying data

Literature reviews and pdf files

Working with multimedia files

Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, and web pages

Tools and strategies for visualizing data


Moving on - further resources


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Papers/Chapters – qualitative methods


Pat Bazeley  Analysing qualitative data: more than ‘identifying themes.’ Based on a paper presented at Qualitative Research Convention, Qualitative Research Association of Malaysia, Selangor, 3-5th September, 2007. Published in the Malaysian Journal of Qualitative Research (Dec., 2009), Vol.2, 6-22.


Bazeley, P. (2018). Using qualitative data analysis software (QDAS) to assist data analyses, in P. Liamputtong (Ed.), Handbook of research methods in health social sciences. Singapore: Springer Nature. doi:10.1007/978-981-10-2779-6_108-1 submitted version