Analysis of qualitative data can be significantly enhanced through use of computer software which provides tools to assist the process. NVivo, from QSR International, provides tools that allow researchers to work in diverse and effective ways with their data:

o   managing data sources and ideas and information derived from those sources;

o   searching data to locate passages of interest or explore expressions of interest;

o   recording developing ideas and understanding of the data in memos and models;

o   querying the data, and coding based on the data, to explore patterns or test emerging ideas;

o   linking qualitative with quantitative data.

Introductory training materials and 14-day free trial software are available from the QSR website: www.qsrinternational.com  Comprehensive notes taking readers step-by-step through all basic processes will be provided to participants.

NVivo two day workshop

The workshop will provide an overview of the software. It will then take participants through the processes of preparing, importing and editing NVivo documents; recording ideas and reflective thinking about the texts in annotations and memos; linking of text with other documents and multimedia files; creation, organization and use of codes to store knowledge about the content of sources; use of attributes as a way of storing information about cases; tools for searching and analysis of data; using a modeler for case analysis and to explore theories and interpretation of data; generating reports from the data. Opportunities will be given for discussion of methodological issues, and how the software tools relate to project goals. Participants should expect to work with their own data.

Three day program

This is similar to the two day program, except that more time is available for practice and for individual project discussion throughout the workshop. Participants must have their own data to work on.

Five day program

Teaching sessions will cover the topics above, and, if required, linking with statistical data.

Participants will work throughout the week on their own data—in teaching sessions each morning and afternoon, in group discussions to explore avenues for working with data and the interpretation of samples of data, through private consultations to solve particular issues for individual projects, and in solo periods of work for consolidation of skills. By the end of the week it is expected that each participant will have not only gained a thorough understanding of the program and how to use it, but also will have advanced their own project to a significant degree. 


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