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Information about the Mixed Methods International Research Association (MMIRA)

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Association for Mixed Methods researchers

The Mixed Methods International Research Association (MMIRA) has been established with the aim of creating an international community to promote and support interdisciplinary mixed methods research. MMIRA seeks to engage with a broad set of approaches in the service of understanding complex social, behavioral, health, educational, and political concerns related to the human condition and natural world. Our vision includes bringing together diverse communities of scholars, students, practitioners, policymakers, citizens, and other stakeholders, with the goals of expanding knowledge and producing social betterment and social and global justice.

Members receive:

Membership fees have been modestly set at $50/year for a regular membership, $20 per year for students/emeritus/retired members, $5.00/year for students/professors/citizens in developing nations, and an institutional membership for $100/year.

To join the MMIRA, go to the http://MMIRA.org and complete the registration form.


Upcoming conferences

MMIRA Regional conferences proposed for 2017

Jamaica University of the West Indies, March 15-17, at Montego Bay. Contact: Loraine.cook@gmail.com

Japan (hosted by JSMMR) Ritsumeikan University, Osaka Ibaraki Campus, August 5-6. Contact: hisako.aloha@gmail.com

South Africa Pretoria, August 30-September 1. Contact: smitb@unisa.ac.za

RC33 Committee on Logic and Methodology for ISA

Regional Conference on Social Science Methodology, Asia Academia Sinica, Taipei, September 11-14


MMIRA International Conference 2018

Austria University of Vienna, August 22-25. Contact: Judith.Schoonenboom@univie.ac.at (Secretary: johanna.fally@univie.ac.at)


Bazeley publications on mixed methods

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