Mixed methods design and analysis

‘Mixed methods’ is used as a generic term to describe research in which more than one approach is taken to answering the question/s asked in a particular study, resulting in the combination of multiple elements of design, types of data, and/or analysis strategies. This approach, commonly identified as a third major movement in methodology, is widely regarded to have ‘come of age’ after years of debate about paradigmatic and methodological concerns. Strategies for implementation, and in particular for integrated analysis of data, are however, still in their infancy. This program is designed to assist in the development of researchers’ awareness and skills with regard to mixed methods possibilities, issues and strategies.

o   Review of the history and foundations of mixed methods research.

o   Design strategies and issues.

o   Integration and analysis of data in mixed methods research.

o   Drawing conclusions and presenting results for varied stakeholders.

Training is conducted via facilitated small group discussion, focusing on the needs of the group, or consultation is provided on an individual basis.


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